Anison Therapeutics raises 100k€, May 2022

Anison Therapeutics is able to raise 100k€ in a convertible loan issue. This satisfies the conditions set by Business Finland, thereby enabling the release of the R&D loan. It also enables full speed in the development work!

Anison Therapeutics is granted a 350k€ R&D loan from Business Finland, March 2022

Business Finland approves the R&D loan application for the development of a new, unique wart therapy. This is done on the condition that the company raises another 100k€ within a strict timeline.

IPR transfer agreement signed, November 2021

Anison Therapeutics and Åbo Akademi University sign an agreement by which two key patent families are transferred from the university to the company. With the transfer, Åbo Akademi University becomes a shareholder in the company.

Anison Therapeutics raises 200k€, Summer 2021

The team is proud to be able to raise a bit over 200 000€ “pre-seed” capital in May-June 2021. This enables the start of the activities and the preparation of detailed plans for the future.

Anison Therapeutics is founded May 6, 2021

Anison Therapeutics is founded May 6, 2021

The three co-inventors behind the unique technology to combat HPV found the company together with the CEO.