Dr. Kenneth Sundberg

CEO & Co-founder

Kenneth Eugén Sundberg, Ph.D., eMBA. is a Co-founder and CEO of Anison Therapeutics.  Kenneth's career spans over decades and he has served in top management teams of internationally renowned companies including Raisio, Ciba, and Tikkurila. This has included establishing and developing businesses in South East Asia, Russia, and the Nordic region. In recent years he presided over Tikkurila’s B-2-B industrial business, as well as chaired the company’s business units in Poland, Germany and the Baltics. Furthermore, he served as an executive and founding partner in two companies developing nutraceuticals and biomaterials. In recent years he has channeled a significant part of his free time into start-up investments. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of a Latvian start-up company in the coatings sector.

Kenneth has over 20 years of experience in commercializing R&D in companies such as Ciba, Hormos Nutraceuticals, BASF and Tikkurila. In his free-time, Kenneth is always up for a tennis challenge.