Prof. Reko Leino

Board Member

Reko Leino, D.Sc. (tech.) is since 2003 Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, and currently also the Vice-Rector for Research Affairs, at Åbo Akademi University. Following his dissertation in chemical engineering in 1998, he worked during 1998-99 as a post-doctoral research fellow at Stanford University with Professor Robert M. Waymouth, and during 2001-02 as a Senior Scientist at the biopharmaceutical companies Carbion and Biotie Therapies Ltd., before joining the faculty of his alma mater. In 2016-18 he served as a member and in 2019-21 as the Chair of the Academy of Finland Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering. During 2018-19 he was also a member of the National Research Infrastructure Committee. He was the co-founder and board member of the university-based spin-off company AceMan Pharma and currently serves as a deputy member of the Board of Trustees of Sigrid Jusélius Foundation. Dr. Leino has extensive experience in methodology development in synthetic organic, organometallic and polymer chemistry, drug discovery and chemical biology, with particular interest in carbohydrate chemistry and chemical glycobiology. He is also experienced in research and technology evaluation, science policy issues and pharmaceutical patent litigation.

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Vice-rector at Åbo Akademi University. Prof. Leino is an experienced professor and innovator with a demonstrated history of working in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. He is skilled in synthetic chemistry, drug development, research and technology evaluation and patent litigation.