Warts are the most common dermatological infection and affect all ages. Warts are caused by an infection in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) with a virus called ‘Human Papillomavirus’ (HPV).

Most people develop cutaneous warts at some point in their lives.  At present there are still no available  HPV-specific therapies for warts.  The commercially available treatments are ablative, unspecific, expensive and inefficient. Therefore, there is a clear need in a product that would: (a) specifically target the root cause of warts; (b) be safe to use with no side-effects.

Our scientific team  has identified an anti-HPV compound derived from an ancient  medicinal plant.  In our studies, we found that the compound targets HPV-infected cells and the molecular mechanism underlying this specificity is based on targeting the root cause of all HPV-mediated diseases.  Currently, no other known treatment has the same precise vector aimed at targeting HPV as our product, as it targets the root cause of the infection. The technology is protected by a strong IPR portfolio.