CEO & Co-Founder

Kenneth has over 20 years of experience in commercializing research and product development in companies such as Ciba, Hormos Nutraceuticals, BASF and Tikkurila. He holds an Associate Professorship in Forest Products Chemistry at Åbo Akademi University. In his free-time, Kenneth is always up for a tennis challenge.


Chairman of the Board

Experienced engineer with background from building companies across different sectors since year 2000. Founder or investor in several businesses, incl CRF Health, Booxmedia (now part of 24i), Naava, Synoste and Kaiku Health. Jaakko speaks five languages, and likes to spend his free-time reading history books or playing racket sports.


Director of Supply Chain

Co-Founder & Board Member

Senthil is a key person behind the product development and supply chain. He holds a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry and has extensive research experience in drug development, with 15+ years, and published more than 26 peer-reviewed articles. During his career, he has been a key member of the product design and development for various Business Finland and Novo Nordisk funded projects.


Director of R&D

Co-Founder & Board Member

Preethy is a key person behind the discovery. Her background is in cell biology, and she has been working in HPV based research for more than a decade that led to three patents and several peer-reviewed publications. Besides her scientific knowledge, she has extensive experience in commercialization aspects of the project. She also has an MBA in Business Management from the Turku University of Applied Sciences.


Co-Founder & Board Member

John is the leader of the research team behind the discovery. He has been one of the key persons involved in the establishment of Euro-BioImaging and has longstanding experience in a broad range of imaging technologies and infrastructures.


Board Member

President and Chief Executive Officer at DelSiTech and has more than 25 years life science business experience. Dr. Leino holds a PhD in biochemistry and has a position as Adjunct Professor in immunology at the University of Turku.


Board Member

Prof. Reko Leino is an experienced professor from Åbo Akademi University and innovator with a demonstrated history of working in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. He is skilled in synthetic chemistry, drug development research and technology.