Anison Therapeutics is a spin-off company from the Åbo Akademi University, Turku.  Anison Therapeutics was established in 2021, co-founded by the team of inventors behind the technology and the CEO. The company has experts with many years of relevant experience in business and commercialization of innovations.

Our Mission

Anison Therapeutics aims at building a portfolio of technologies targeting the Human Papillomavirus(HPV)-mediated diseases.

The first steps are taken by dedicated efforts towards developing and commercializing a topical cream (containing a HPV targeting compound) that addresses unmet medical needs for genital warts, with preclinical studies projected to start during the first half of 2023. Longer term, the company will also focus on the treatment of genital pre-cancerous lesions and other HPV-associated warts, including common and foot(plantar) warts, thus becoming a successful company with solid sales growth and a strong pipeline of new products to be introduced to the roughly >$8Bn market.

What Makes Anison Unique?


Anison’s core technology is based on the specific targeting of critical disease-causing components of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).


Anison’s invention is based on decades of peer-reviewed research by our inventor team and the patent portfolio of Anison is unique in this field.


We have highly skilled professionals with complementary knowledge on all included areas of expertise and with significant resources and know-how provided by renowned experts.


We are currently placed in a unique position as no other known treatment possesses the same precise vector aimed at targeting the HPV.